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Vasile Blaga - re-elected PDL Chairman


The Democratic Liberals (PDL, in the Opposition since 2012, after 8 years at rule) on Saturday re-elected Vasile Blaga in the position of Chairman of the party, during the National Extraordinary Convention.

Over 4,500 nationwide delegates participated in PDL's National Extraordinary Convention in Bucharest, to elect their new leader, with Vasile Blaga, Elena Udrea and Monica Macovei running for this position.

Romania's President, former PDL leader until 2004 at the presidential office takeover, a declared supporter of Elena Udrea for the party's chairmanship, said in his speech he did not come to speak in favour of one candidate or another, as his options were known, but to see if he still had common grounds with this party 'making us partners in the future or not.'

After more than eight hours since the beginning of the National Extraordinary Convention the voting results were announced: Vasile Blaga - 2,344 votes, Elena Udrea - 2,014 votes, Monica Macovei - 209 votes.

Udrea contested the result, motivating that a number of 4,200 persons attending were announced in the Convention opening, the final presence before voting counted 4,359 delegates, and, in the end, it had been said that 4,632 persons exercised their voting right. Blaga replied that arithmetic 'has been the same for 3,000 years' and that he understood that losing was not easy.
President Basescu:Farewell PD, farewell PDL
In the Convention closing, the reaction of President Traian Basescu was not delayed, being one of a declared separation from PDL and of guaranteeing that, in the end of his mandate, he would take up the construction of the Right-Wing.

'I saw the conclusion of the PDL Convention. I believe I have been honest to this party, I have told them that after the elections we shall each go on separate ways. Their not understanding how to be Democrats makes me say now once and for all 'Farewell, Democratic Party.' We have gone on separate ways today. They no longer are a burden for me, I no longer am a burden for them. (...) Farewell PD, farewell PDL. We have become separated for good today. Go on your own way, I have my own,' Traian Basescu said in a video post on a social networking website.