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Vasilescu (BNR) :  the leu depreciated by 90 bani in 12 years and a half ; the foreign exchange market of Romania is very stable


The national currency depreciated in twelve years and a half with 90  bani, and the foreign exchange market of Romania is very stable, stated, on Friday, Adrian Vasilescu, strategy consultant with the National Bank of Romania (BNR)

‘The explanations are easy. This exchange rate has been going towards historic maximum for twelve years. And in twelve years going up and down between minimum and maximum it has had a depreciation of 90 bani. That is all. 90  bani in twelve years is the depreciation of the leu. I saw somewhere a  headline “ The leu is dropping’. Well, if we look at the world picture, we will see that many strong currencies and even the dollar, euro and the Japanese yen and others have bigger fluctuations and bigger depreciations. So, the leu has depreciated with 90 bani in twelve years and a half. This depreciation is not an issue and does not rise discussions regarding the drop of our national currency. The foreign exchange market of Romania is stable, even very stable’ Adrian Vasilescu said.

He added that ‘ ‘ in these twelve years and a half very many centres of analysis and influence on the foreign exchange market estimated the level of five lei, which did not happen’.

‘ For ten years, the passing of the threshold of five lei has been announced, which until this moment has not happened’ Vasilescu said.

The leu depreciated by 0.13 bani (0.03%) against the euro, the European currency reaching a new historic maximum, as the foreign exchange rate calculated by the National Bank of Romania (BNR) is 4.9281 lei/euro. BNR had on Thursday euro at 4.9268 lei.