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Victor Ponta on official visit to Berlin, on 10 and 11 June


The Romanian premier Victor Ponta will make on 10 and 11 June an official visit to Berlin, where he is to meet the German chancellor Angela Merkel. It is a visit long prepared, expected in Bucharest with hope and impatience, Deutsche Welle comments on Friday. The minister of foreign affairs Titus Corlatean announced this visit a week before, without offering too much detail. In the meantime, the visit was confirmed for the dates of 10 and 11


In official political circles the completion of this visit is seen as a significant political victory, meant to spread the clouds which were gathered on the relation between Romania and Germany after the political crisis of last summer..

In the meantime, the political situation of Romania got on a stable road and more predictible, but a series of aspects of the Romanian politics could need explicit confirmations and personal commitments. That is why, Berlin is interested to know better the Romanian perspective and Bucharest as we realise, manifests preoccupation for the regaining of Germany’s trust, DW adds.

Victor Ponta made efforts to prove to the western partners that the new power in Bucharest does not intend to take Romania out of the European road and this is visible on several plans : the economic policy followed the plans agreed with IMF and the EU and as it regards the amendments to the constitution there wee many proofs that the things go in a sense which contradicts any worry. Seen objectively, Romania’s policy towards Germany had some accents which could pretend clarifications.

Victor Ponta sent the message, following the electoral campaign that he wanted a coalition of the European left against the austerity policy or better said against the policy promoted by chancellor Angela Merkel. For this purpose, he launched friendship messages with Francois Hollande and the French socialists, who themselves are in troubled waters. France’s incapacity to give a convincing economic answer decreases the credibility of the French socialists and of course it discourages completely the German ‘front’, the German radio station says.

Under these circumstances it is vital for the government in Bucharest to reevaluate its strategies and to look for a reconstruction of the relation with Germany which, in Berlin will be read as a confirmation of the European commitment, DW confirms.