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Violence against women costs Romania 10 billion euro annually, namely 6% of the GDP


Romania is seventh in the European top of expenditure due to discrimination and violence made by the European Institute for Gender Equality (IEEG) which estimates that the EU has economic costs of 258 billion euro annually for violence against women.

At the level of the EU the costs of domestic violence against women are annually at 109.1 billion euro; the total cost of domestic violence is 122,2 billion euro, the cost of gender violence against women is 225.8 billion euro and the total cost of gender violence is 258.7 billion euro, 13.1 bilion euro is the cost of domestic violence against children and men.

The first in the list are Germany (41,2 bil.. euro – gender violence), France (33,5 bil. euro), the UK (32,5), Italy (30,4), Spain ( 24), Poland (19,7), Romania (10,3).

The cost of domestic violence against women was in Romania of 4.3 billion euro, that of domestic violence of 4.8 billion euro and the cost of gender violence against women 8.99 billion euro.As a conclusion, 0.5 billion euro is the cost of domestic violence against children and men.

Under Romania there is the Netherlands (8.6 billion euro for gender violence costs) Greece 5,7), Belgium (5,68), Portugal (5,4), the Czech Republic (5,3), Hungary (5,09), Austria (4,3), Bulgaria (3,70, Denmark (2,80, Slovakia (2,77), Finland (2,76).According to IEEG Europe does not tolerate gender violence anyore and it does mean only legislative sanctions, but other economic costs for combating and preventing domestic and gender violence.

The announced values take into account the expenditure due to the loss of work productivity reported to work place absences or days when the victim was incapable to do normal activities, as well as the money lost by the employer and the employee, health expenses, justice documents, social assistance expenses and associated expenses, including those connected to councillation on the emotional and psychological impact.

In Romania domestic violence is among 30 causes for death with women, out of a total of 51 causes – a phenomenon monitored by the ministry of health (MS). In the case of men, according to a report of MS domestic violence is not a cause of death.

In Romania, besides the authorities trained to prevent and combat domestic and gender violence there is a number of NGOs who deal with the solution to the cases, protection of the victims and/or post-trauma councilliation.

In its turn, the ministry of health allocate a generous space in its strategic documents for 2014 -2020 to the chapter symbolically named ‘ Trauma’ .

The ministry of justice fights together with the other responsible institutions but at tribunals there is no distinction between the files which have as victims women in the phenomenon of gender violence or domestic violence. Neither the present codes nor the procedures seem harmonised with the growth rhythm of the phenomenon.