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Walking and avoiding food waste among sustainable actions of Z generation


Walking and avoiding food waste are among sustainable actions most often found among people of Z generation, according to data of the national study Insights Pulse Z.


At the same time, young people in Romania choose to reuse and recycle wrapping and collect garbage selectively, while 61% of them consider that brands are must be sustainable when buying things.


According to the study, walking (70%) and avoiding food waste (57%) are sustainable actions most often met among people of Z generation. At the same time,from the environment friendly actions category young people choose to reuse and recycle wrapping (55%) and collect garbage selectively (30%). Girls are the ones with sustainable behavior more pronounced than boys: 53% of young women in Romania choose to buy second hand clothes (vs. 24% of boys). 46% reuse plastic wrappings (vs. 32%) while 17% of them reduce meat consumption (vs.9%).

In the same way, young people aged between 22 and 24 start showing more responsibility about reusing plastic wrapping (44% vs. 39%), buying second hand clothes (44% vs 38%) and reducing water consumption (28% vs 23%).


In fact, when speaking about the perception and purchase of sustainable products and services, 61% of respondents consider it is important enough and very important in the purchase decision, that a brand should be sustainable, while for 30% of young people this aspect is indifferent and for 3% it does not count at all.


Alin Claudiu Apostu, the coordinator of the study Insights and Project Manager within national programs Insights and I want to be entrepreneur, pointed out that the last part of the study had in view  the sustainable behavior of Z generation behavior, very important for society, as well as their perception on opening a business.


We wanted to analyze the way in which they report to entrepreneurship, what interests them when it comes to opening a business, and which are the barriers in this process, “ said Claudiu Apostu.


Thus, asked about possible business intentions and the way in which they report to entrepreneurship, young people of Z generation in Romania are divided in two categories: over a third of respondents (39%) say they intend to open a business, but not next year, 14% say they will do it in the following year, while 45% are undecided  about entrepreneurship, they do not intend or have never intended to go toward that direction. Only 2% of Z generation representatives have a business at present. 


According to the study, the main barrier, when it comes about starting a business is represented by financial resources (74%), their shortage being mentioned by three quarters of those who do not exclude the idea of business (77% girls and 71% boys). At the same time, the lack of mentors is another barrier  (59%) for young people when opening a business. Most of them do not exclude the idea of business and are optimistic, feeling motivated and impatient to start this stage (58%).


As for the fields in which they would like to open a business, young people  mentioned a top 5 of preferences: horeca (35%), real estate (21%), chosen mostly by boys(26% vs 14% girls), communication and marketing (20%), art and culture (18%) and services (18% - accounting, banking, communications, law).


The study “Insights Pulse Z”, at the second edition, was made in  July on a sample of 1,186 respondents, aged between 16 and 24, representative at national level in point of distribution on sexes, regions and urban-rural categories. The study focused on sustainable behavior and the vision on entrepreneurship in the new pandemic context, of Z generation members, compared to the 2020 wave (May-June 2020 when the first edition of the study was made). The data collected within the national study Pulse Z, are communicated in several stages, in that period.


I want to be entrepreneur” is a national program, launched in 2013, as part of the organization Romanian Business leaders (RBL) which promotes thinking and action among young people in Romania.


Insights”is part of the Romanian Business leaders, is toback organizations  and encourage creativity of some of the greatest innovators in Romania.


Insights backs the young people's development and encourages them in doing business, organizing 8 bootcamps until the present and bringing added value to Romanian companies of all sizes, to support the country's economic development.

RBL is an apolitical, non governmental and non profit organization that offers an action and social involvement platform for entrepreneurs and the heads of companies in the private business sector. The RBL mission is to turn Romania in one of the European countries good for opening the business environment and for the quality of life. Its projects, based on factors like education, entrepreneurship and good management, are initiated and developed by the over 200 volunteer members, entrepreneurs and top executives in Romania.


IZI data is a market study agency whose purpose is to democratize market research, making it easy to use and understand, both for consecrated brands and for start-ups, entrepreneurs, NGOs and social entrepreneurs.