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WHO's Papowitz: Vaccination remains only solution


WHO Romania crisis manager Heather Papowitz recommends a plan in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic in Romania, with clear objectives and elements, at the same time, saying that vaccination is the only solution.

The WHO representative has been for two weeks in Romania and has met representatives of family doctors, hospitals and other sectors of activity.

She said that everyone is interested in finding solutions, from community to government level, highlighting that the important things was to have a very clear action plan to control the pandemic, with clear objectives and elements regarding each one's responsibilities, enforced on a decision level. Stopping this pandemic wave and reducing the high mortality level is the outmost priority, Heather Papowitz told a press conference at the Chamber of Deputies.

According to her, patient treatment starts at home, from the primary medical assistance.

Papowitz underscored, in context, that only 21% of patients aged over 80 are vaccinated in Romania, and stressed that vaccination remains the main measure, meant to protect especially the vulnerable categories. She added that there are pieces of evidence that in general and in Romania as well unvaccinated persons are those who end up in ICU in the largest numbers. Vaccination remains the only solution to prevent new infection waves, the WHO manager said.

Last but not least Heather Papowitz showed that communication was most important, saying that information disseminated on community level needed to be coherent and target people by proper means according to each category. 


MoH distributes 7,250 vials of Remdesivir to 96 hospitals with COVID-19 patients

The Ministry of Health (MoH) announced on Wednesday having distributed a new batch of Remdesivir to healthcare facilities in Romania with beds that treat COVID-19 patients.

According to a MoH press statement, they are 7,250 vials of Remdesivir 100 mg that will reach hospitals across the country to treat patients with moderate forms of the disease.

The criteria for the distribution of the drug took into account the minimum demand of vials/patient treated and the number of patients admitted in wards and in intensive care units that require administration, based on the decisions of a MoH specialist board.