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Agriculture: Dairy producers: market reached 1.5 billion euros in 2020, on the rise by 15% against 2019

The dairy market reached 1.5 billion euros in 2020, 15% more than in 2019, and a volume of 631,000 tones, on the rise by 11% against 2019, representatives of Lactalis Romania and Artesana told News.ro. They added that in 2020, local consumption increased following traveling restrictions and the return of Romanians from abroad.


Daniel Donici, the co-founder of Artesana dairy producer, told News.ro that the dairy market had known a constant increase in past years, reaching 5.4 billion lei in 2020. “According to a Nielsen study published last year, the dairy market grew by 15% in 2020against the previous year,” Donici completed.


The largest dairy producers, according to the business figure in 2019 were: Albalact (672 million lei), Danone (612 million lei) and Fabrica de lapte Brasov (509 million lei), while Lactalis Romania, Albalact, Covalact and Dorna Lactate are the biggest milk collectors in Romania, with 250 million liters of milk collected and processed annually.


According to the National Statistics Institute, the quantity of cow milk collected in 2020 was 1.13 million tons, on the rise by 1.1% against 2019.