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Agriculture: Egypt bought 120,000 tons of wheat from Romania at the price of 245,59 dollars/ton, delivery included

GASC, the General Authority for Supply Commodities from Egypt, the entity in charge of strategic wheat purchases on behalf of the Egyptian state, bought 300,000 tons of wheat from Ukraine, Romania and Russia at a tender organized on January 8, at the average price of 245.71 dollars, delivery included, UkrAgroConsult informs.

At this tender, GASC bought 60,000 tons of wheat from Ukraine at 245.93 dollars/ton, 120,000 tons of wheat from Romania (60,000 tons from Ameropoa BV and 120,000 tons from COFCO) at 245.59 dollars/ton and 120,000 tons of wheat from Russia – 60,000 tons with 245.45 dollars/ton and  60,000 tons at 245.98 dollars/ton, delivery included.

Deliveries will be between February 18-29, 2020.

At the previous tender, organized by GASC on December 10, 2019, Egypt bought 355,000 tons of wheat from Ukraine, Romania and France with deliveries over  February 5-15, 2020, at the average price of 238.19 dollars/ton, delivery included.

Egypt is the largest world buyer of wheat, a basic product needed to maintain the bread subsidy program on which tens of million Egyptians depend.

Romania ranked first in 2019 in EU for sunflower, in point of cultivated area and yield, with a total of 3.489 million tons and a plus of 13.93% against 2018. However, the profit recorded was smaller than the one in 2018, of only 2,660 kg/ha, while the seeded area was higher – 1.31 million ha, against 1 million ha in 2018.

According to MADR data, Romania's production of wheat, rye and triticale recorded a plus of 2.51% against 2018, reaching 10.427 million tons, on an area of 2.1 million ha and a profit of 4,700 kg/ha.