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Agriculture: Farmers gather 9 million tons of wheat, which ensure food demand, availabilities for export



 The wheat production obtained this year "stored and under lock and key" is more than 9 million tonnes, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Petre Daea, said on Tuesday, who added that the harvest ensures the country's food demands and availability for export.

"At the end of the harvest, farmers collected 9 million tons of wheat, which means a production that is part of the results obtained over time, with the exception of 2021, where there was a jump of over 10 million tons," the Minister of Agriculture, Petre Daea told a relevant conference.

According to the same source, also in the case of the sunflower crop, where the harvesting is nearing the end, the results will "satisfy the country's needs and availability for export", while in the case of corn there will be much smaller quantities for export.

"When I refer to export, I think of the fact that Romania, being in the Black Sea basin, in a competition with two important states, Russia and Ukraine, states that have a special contribution to export, Romania being a the third country and the second in the European Union with this potential to export cereals, this year it will not have the possibility to export the amount for which the farmers worked and we expected, because of the conditions you know," explained the minister.

The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Petre Daea, participated on Tuesday in the Romanian Farmers' Gala, an event organized by PRIAevents, at the Bucharest Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences.