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Agriculture: Minister of Agriculture announces amendments to Law 175/2020 on farm land sales


Agriculture minister Adrian Oros declared on Friday that the text of law 175/2020 on the sale of farm land, which came into force on October 13, must be amended so that the law could become applicable.He says that the way in which the law was drawn up confuses all people with ongoing transactions,  as it stipulates that demands recorded before the coming into force of legislative amendments should be solved according to the new procedures, not only requests presented after the appearance of the law.


According to the source mentioned, MADR is now working on the methodological application norms but the term of 15 days is rather short to complete them so that the law could be applicable.


In an opinion survey made by Deloitte Romania, released by mid September, company consultants said the new law for selling farming land makes  buying difficult for some investors and very difficult for people from non-agricultural fields who intend to make investments.


Producers of renewable energy are among the most affected as they will have difficulties in purchasing land located outside localities in order to develop energy projects after the coming into force of the law.


According to the source, Romania might not be able to observe the targets assumed towards European institutions about the production of energy from renewable sources. Other fields could be also affected, such as developers of industrial, logistic parks or any other natural or juridical persons interested in building a storehouse outside the city.


According to Deloitte we are facing again a law which although it is based on good intentions, such as stimulating local farm production, also makes collateral victims.