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Agriculture: Plescoi sausages, sixth EU recognised, protected Romanian product


The European Commission approved the registration of the Romanian product "Plescoi sausages" in the register of the products that benefit from Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), a press release of the community executive informs.

"According to the procedures to register a name in the Registry of protected designation of origin and protected geographical indication, there was no statement of opposition submitted in the legal term. Thus, according to the terms of the Rules for application of the European Commission, the product 'Plescoi Sausages' (PGI) is granted a protected geographical indication, 20 days after the publication of the Rules in the Official Journal of the European Union, so the term starts from October 4, 2019," the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MADR) mentions in a release.

Romania had five products registered in the European quality systems, of which four Protected Geographical Indications (PGI): Magiun of Topoloveni (Topoloveni plum jam), Sibiu Salami, Smoked Bighead Carp from Tara Barsei and Smoked Danube mackerel. The Ibanesti Feta is registered in the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).

Plescoi sausages are a sort of smoked sausages produced from a mixture of mutton and beef, sometimes chevon (goat meat), spiced with red pepper, garlic and summer savory. This combination of ingredients and the production process gives Plescoi sausages a unique taste, known and famous in Romania since the 13th century. According to MADR information, the ratio of mutton is a minimum of 55 pct, and the beef a maximum of 45 pct. Seasonally, in the autumn or winter, the mutton may be replaced with a maximum of 10 pct chevon without significant modifications to the organoleptic properties.