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Agriculture: Romania, fourth in the world for wine production this year


Romania is one of the few countries that produced this year more wine than in 2022 and recorded the fourth volume increase, according to a platform devoted to promoting Romanian wine.


According to data collected by the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV) analyzed by Wines of Romania, the latter produced in 2023 4.4 million hectoliters of wine, 15% more than in 2022 and 4% more than the average of the last 5 years, consolidating its position as the 6th largest wine producer in Europe.

At world level, the highest volume increases were recorded by the US (25.5 million hl, 12% more than in 2022), Portugal (7.4million hl, +8%) and Germany (9 million hl, +1%).


Due to climate conditions, drought and vineyard diseases, wine production in the southern emisphere was seriously affected. A few sudden wine volume decreases were also recorded in Europe. The countries affected were Greece (-50%), Croatia (-46%), Georgia (-28%), Spain (-19%), Italy (-13%) and Moldova (-10%).


In the southern emisphere, where figures were more accurate, as crops were harvested in spring, except for New Zealand, which produced 14% more, Uruguay and Argentina produced 29% less, Australia 22%, Chile 18% and South Africa 10% less. On the overall, the global 2023 wine production is estimated at an average of 244 million hl, 7% less than last year, representing the lowest quantity of the last 60 years.


For Romania this could be an important opportunity, but we do not have maturity, market relations and the needed organization level to take advantage of the moment. Higher production is however good news, althought it was predictable. We still have large areas with early vine varieties, or those close to maturity, new producers appear, existing producers diversify and refine their offers, in one word these are signs of a mature wine market in Romania, at least cpnverning production,'said Marinela Ardelean, wine expert, co-organized of RO-WINE festival and founder of WinesOfRomania.com.


According to her, things are different for wine consumption. Although the domestic market has marked a solid community of connoisseurs and consumers in the last 10-20 years, the industry still needs to develop.


We are speaking about bringing wine among food products, the consumer's education towards moderation and satisfaction, about glass wines on the table, not any wine, but a quality one, not the one made by our country grandfather,” Marinela Ardelean added.


The main challenge for this year and the years to come is the opening of foreign markets. The drop of global production could be an opportunity for Romania to regain the international wine producer status.


Following OIV estimates, France returned to being the largest European wine producer with 45.8 million hl, the same as last year. Australia, a popular wine source for the European markets, lost a fifth of production because of heavy rains and floods caused by La Nina. In South America, Chile, a country known for the good quality and price ratio of wines suffered becase of fires and drought, while Argentinian vineyards were affected by cold.


Wines of Romania website, a 100% private project, was founded by Marinela Ardelean, a wine expert and co-organizer of RO-WINE festival.