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Agriculture: Wine market in Romania will drop by 5.5% in 2020 to 1.7 billion lei


The business figure recorded by the wine market in Romania in 2020 will be about 1.7 billion lei, on the drop by 5.5% compared to the result reported in 2019, according to an analysis made by KeysFin.


At 2019 level, the local wine market was about 1.8 billion lei, on the drop by 11.4% compared to the previous year.


According to a specialized analysis in 2019, there were 576 companies which handled the wine production and/or grape growing (CAEN 1102 – wine production from grapes and CAEN 0121 – grape cultivation), 5% less compared to 2018, but on the rise by 36% against 2009.


In 2019, the highest share in the business figure was generated by average companies, by 69% of total. At the same time, average companies engaged 53% of the labor force of this market, followed by the smaller ones with a share of 27%. At the same time, 279 of the companies analysed, that is 48% of total, recorded profit in 2019, and 230 had losses, while the rest had no result.

In the classification of local wine producers, the market leader, with a share of 11.3% and 199 million lei business figure is Recas, followed by Jidvei Alba branch (10.9%), Cotnari (8.2%), Ceptura Wineries (5.8%) and Zarea (5.7%). The top of the first ten wine producers in Romania had a cumulated business figure of 980.4 million lei in 2019, the equivalent of 56.4% of the market.


In point of profitability, in 2019, Recas Wineries ranked first, with a positive result representing over a quarter of the industry profit. They were followed by Jidvei Alba, Ceptura, Zarea and La Barrique.


The KeysFin analysis is based on annual financial data reported by companies dealing with grape growing and wine producing, to the Ministry of Public Finance.