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Almost  30 hotels at the seaside will offer ‘all inclusive’ services


The number of hotels at the seaside with ‘all inclusive’ services will reach this summer 29 with a total of over 13,500 beds, double against the situation of five years ago, shows a study made on an online sales platform.

This summer, the number of places ‘ all inclusive’ in hotels has increased by 3,243 namely 30% against the capacity of last year, which means a capacity of reception for the tourists of 270,000.

According to the data of Litoralulromanesc.ro, at the end of last summer, in the resorts at the seaside there were 23 all inclusive hotels, with 10,333 beds and in one season they could receive over 205,000 tourists.

Among the accommodation units which become ‘all inclusive’ even, ‘ultra all inclusive’ this year it is Hotel Paradiso from Mangalia (the former Siemens hotel and, later Mangalia) and the Blaxy complex of Olimp, which becomes Atrium by the beach.

Distributed on resorts, the 29 hotels are placed as follows: nine in Mamaia and Mamaia Nord, eight in Jupiter and Cap Aurora, five in Venus, two in Eforie Nord, Neptun-Olimp and Saturn each, one hotel in Mangalia.

According to the quoted source, the number of hotels of this type has almost doubled against five years ago, when on the littoral there were 15’ all inclusive’ units and has risen six times against ten years ago, when there were only five such units.