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Black Friday 2017 in Romania: 7th year


Black Friday 2017 in Romania has already started among many online retailers which decided to begin the purchase fever since the end of October. The “sale feast”, now at the 7th edition, promises to exceed the organizers’ expectations.

Imported from the US in 2011 by online retailers Flanco and eMAG, Black Friday was successful among Romanians, a fact proved by a study made by the online marketing agency Today’s which, following an analysis of the Black Friday event and the users’ interest in it, said in 2015 that Romania ranked second in the volume of online searches reported to the total number of the country’s inhabitants.

Iulian Stanciu declared in 2012 for Wall-Street.ro that the decision to bring Black Friday in ROmania was made to make the e-commerce market more dynamic and for the “show factor”which this sales event creates.

In 2011, eMAG recorded sales of 8 million euros, generated by the 90,000 products ordered by 1.1 million visitors during Black Friday. The same year, Flanco recorded sales of 6.8 million euros. Sales were also applied by other market players, such as evoMag, Altex, Koyos and Domo.

The main challenge facing online retailers, with the appearance of Black Friday event, was the development of IT infrastructure, so that the site could support a high number of users at the same time. Retailers announced major investments but site crashes triggered negative reactions in the social media.

A year after its debut in Romania, Black Friday was organized on November 23, some retailers choosing to extend the sales period throughout the weekend. The supremacy of sales was disputed between eMAG and Flanco.

eMAG sales in the second year of Black Friday went up by 50%, reaching 12 million euros. The retailer ranked first in the Black Friday sales top in 2012. During the whole weekend, eMAG shared the first position with Altex, both companies declaring sales of 15 million euros.

evoMAG, the retailer who also participated in the first edition of the event reported total sales of 900,000 euros, three times more than the previous year.

In 2013, Black Friday was established on November 23. Results were higher than in previous years, exceeding retailers’ expectations. One of the main players in the field of affiliation, 2Performant, declared that online stores from their portfolio had recorded sales 15 times higher than in two consecutive Fridays and Saturdays. The November 22-23 interval brought online stores from 2Parale portfolio 17,983 sales of 8.1 million lei.

eMAG sold on Black Friday 2013 250,000 products of 23 million euros. At peak time there were 160,000 simultaneous online visitors. For a full day, the biggest online retailer in Romania received 3.1 million visits. Traffic increase was backed by mobile phones which generated 450,000 visits and 13,000 orders.

The same year eMAG recorded, during three days of sales campaigns, overall sales of 1.6 million euros, the average order value being 645 lei, 17% higher than in 2012. Flanco announced sales of 72 million lei, 31% higher than at the previous edition, with 750,000 visitors who crossed store thresholds.

Black Friday 2014 began on November 21, and a study made by iSense Solutions showed that 51% of people from the urban area made purchases on Black Friday, most of them saying that the event had been more successful than the previous year. Compared to 2013 PayU officials declared that significant increases of 98% were recorded for transactions.

Adrian Mihai, managing partner at Fan Courier said online represented 70% of business in the Black Friday period.

The marketing network affiliated to Profithare generated sales of about 40 million lei in partner stores on Black Friday 2014, the highest amount generates by the company until then.

Flanco Retail concluded the event with overall sales of 98 million lei, after selling 200,000 products. The retailer exceeded its 2013 performances during the same event by 40% in value and 45% as number of units sold.

On Black Friday 2014, F64 had offers for entry level and professional photo equipment, phones and tablets. Sales brought them incomes of 13 million lei.

In the last 9 hours of Black Friday 2014 eMAG sold 420,000 products of 145 million lei, among which a BMWX6 car, the most expensive product sold online in Romania at the time.

In 2015, Romanians had decided on the main stores they visited on Black Friday. eMAG registered 31,000 orders in the first 20 minutes of Black Friday. Among the products with overall amount of 10 million euros, there were ten Armatrac 854 cars, at the price of 99,000 lei, reduced from 184,800 lei. During the event eMAG sold 602,000 products, of 202 million lei.

Pc Garage, the electronics and IT retailer, recorded over 14,800 orders on Black Friday, of 15 million lei, while F64 had 8,100 orders of 12.5 million lei.

Black Friday 2016, started on November 18, attracting incomes of 1 million euros for Vola.ro travel agency, for the sale of plane tickets and holidays. The main offers chosen were for city breaks in Rome or Prague, while other people organized their holidays for the next summer, in Skiathos, Greece, Kemer, Turkey and Silema, Malta.

eMAG preserved its supremacy with sales exceeding 300 million lei (66.7 million euros). It sold over 32,000 TV sets, 113 diamond jewellery and 13 kg of gold.

evoMAG had 20% increases compared to the previous year, reaching 3.6 million euros and had average orders of 850 lei.

Black Friday 2017 has already started for certain online retailers. evoMAG started sales on November 1, Flanco on October 27 and eMAG announced it on November 17.