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Cars:About a third of car drivers in Romania are women


In Romania, women represented last year about a third (2.67 millions) of a total of 7.9 million persons who held a driver's license in Romania, according to DRPCIV data.

According to data at the end of 2019, there were 16,291 woman motorcycle drivers (A category) and 16,349 women truck drivers (category C), 2,013 women bus and other vehicles for person transport (category D), 1.858 women trolleybus drivers and 1,167 women tram drivers.

DTPCIV data also show  that 2,609 women have driving licenses for farm or forest tractors.

According to a study made online in the campaign “With style in traffic” in which 7,591 participated, only 33% of traffic participants consider that gender does not influence driving abilities when it comes to car drivers with similar driving experience.

At the same time, a participant out of five sees or hears every day messages suggesting women's inability to drive, while 49% experiment the same thing several times a month, while 23% do it several times a year. However, 74% of respondents agree with the saying “Women are more prudent drivers than men”: 34% agree to a certain extent, 17% to a large extent and 23% to a low extent.

Stereotypes also have in view men, 90% of respondents agreeing and “Men are more aggressive drivers than women”: 42% agree to a large extent, 36% to some extent, while 12% to a low extent.

Asked whether they agree to the sentence “Women cannot park”, 81% of participants agreed: 34% to some extent, 24% to a small extent and 23% to a high extent. Only 19% totally disagreed to the statement.

72% of respondents agreed that “Men are better drivers than women”: 30% agreed to some extent, 24% to high extent and 18% to low extent. Only 28% of participants disagreed.

About two thirds (61%) of respondents consider the expression “woman driver” has a pejorative meaning, while 34% consider it is a neutral expression.

7,591 persons participated in the online campaign “With style in traffic”. Of them 6,774 were drivers (89%), 60% were aged between 18 and 25, 17% between 35 and 55 , 15% between 26 and 34. 24% of participants were women and 76% men.

Carried out between 1 and 15 March, 2020, the campaign has in view to fight against traffic type stereotypes through the example of women with professions different from that of drivers and women seen with admiration and respect in everyday life.