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Cars: Lithuania and Romania recoreded the most significant advance of auto sales in the  EU


Registration of new vehicles in the European Union (excluding Malta) increased by 0.8% in the first 11 months of this year at 14.16 million while Lithuania and Romania reported the most significant advance, show the data published on Friday by the Association of European Constructors of Cars /ACEA/.

The auto market of Romania registered an increase of 24% between January – November 2018 being registered 121,634 cars against 98,116 vehicles in the first 11 months of 2017, Lithuania reported an advance of 25,5% between January-November 2018.

The five big European markets had mixed evolutions in the first 11 months of 2018: increase in Spain (8%), France (4.7%) and Germany (0.4%) and drops of 6.9% in the UK and 3.5% in Italy, the ACEA data show.

Registration of new cars in the EU (without Malta) dropped by 8% in November at 1,12 million.

The auto market in Romania registered a drop of 10.8% in November being registered 8,303 cars against 9,311  cars during the similar period of 2017.

Deliveries dropped last month for the five big European markets:Spain (12.6), Germany (9.9%), Italy (6.3%), France (4.7%) and the UK (3%) the ACEA data,

The decline registered on the European auto market in November should not represent a surprise, appreciates the Association of European Car Constructors as the introduction of the new procedures for pollution testing (WLTP) at the beginning of September led to an exceptional advance of registration during the summer. As a result, the demand for new cars  dropped in October and November in the majority of EU member states.

All producers have to test their vehicles by using WLTP before they are sold. But the new procedure harmonized at world level as testing of light vehicles based on the data obtained in real road conditions, generated higher carbon dioxide emissions for certain vehicles, thus delaying the official certification and sales.