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Commissioner Cretu: Romania badly needs investments in transports


Romania badly needs investments in transports, on Friday said the European Commissioner for Regional Development, Corina Cretu, adding that situation in this field is worrying. 

"Situation in transports is worrying, the like it used to be in the past. Unfortunately, only 300 kilometers were achieved in the past 10 years through the Ten-T European transport network. More than 900 national roads were revamped and here becomes noticeable the difference between the local administrative capacity - where the town halls get involved - and the fact that many Transport ministers have changed, which did but harm to this implementation as regards the motorways. We have this ex-ante conditionality linked to the transports that is not yet achieved. The first step is done, that of adopting the transport masterplan, but the second conditionality, the one linked to the performance indicators of the CNAIR, regarding the road company, this is what I'll talk about with (Transport, ed. n.) Minister Cuc," Corina Cretu told a news conference at the Bucharest City Hall seat. 

Cretu said that transports are a field in which "Romania needs investments badly", both national, but mostly European. Corina Cretu mentioned that one of the topics she wishes to address when meeting with the Transport Minister Razvan Cuc is referring to the 6th Underground line, the one that should connect Bucharest to Henri Coanda - Otopeni International Airport, "very important, in particular from the 2020 Football Championship's perspective." 

Corina Cretu also highlighted that in the past three years since she was nominated for European Commissioner she worked with four governments in Bucharest and specified that she wishes to help the Romanian authorities in their efforts to capitalise the European funds.