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Domestic eSky flights in 2023: Top 10 cities in Romania most in demand

Bucharest, Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca and Oradea are towns between which Romanians travelled the most by plane in 2023. The first two routes from the top of domestic flights carried 70% of passengers.


Romanians bought the cheapest flights between Bucharest and Sibiu (135 euros return flights) while the most expensive flights were between Timisoara and Iasi – 322 euros return flights. The travel booking platform for eSky.ro presents a report of airplane flights in Romania in 2023.


The most popular flights in 2023 connected Bucharest (Otopeni) to Timisoara and Cluj Napoca, used by 37% and 33% of passengers who travelled on Top 10 most popular destination flights in Romania. Bucharest- Oradea flights rank third with 9% of total number of passengers on domestic flights in 2023.


The first half of the top ends with connections between Bucharest and Iasi and Suceava. The route Bucharest- Iasi (4th) had less than 8% of companies, while between Bucharest and Suceava (5th) there were less than 5% of people who chose flights for domestic travel in 2023.


Bucharest- Baia Mare flight ranked 6th in the top with 4% of total number of passengers. Domestic flights between Bucharets and Satu Mare (7th) and Cluj-Napoca – Constanta (8th) attracted a small number of passengers, the former being chosen by less than 2% of their total, while the latter by only 0,57%.


Top 10 most popular domestic flights in 2023 also includes flights which connect Bucharest to Sibiu (9th) and Timisoara to Iasi (10th). Each of these routes were chosen by 0.39% of passengers.


Cheapest and most expensive routes in Romania


eSky.ro specialists checked the most and less advantageous domestic air transport routes in point of prices. Passengers who decided to book flights between Bucharest and Sibiu paid an average of 87 euros per one way flights and 135 euros for resturn flights.


At the opposite pole we find flights between Timisoara and Iasi, where a return ticket costs about 322 euros. If we consider the prices of one way tickets the same route remains the most expensive, the average price of a ticket being 208 euros.




This study includes both one way and return flight bookings, between January 01 -December 31, 2023. Ticket prices represent the average travel value per route for a passenger. The top of the most popular 10 doemstic routes in 2023 represent 98% of passengers transported in Romania who booked their travel on eSky.ro.