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Healthcare: Cantacuzino Institute working to roll out Polidin-type polybacterial immunomodulator, flu vaccine


A Polidin-type polybacterial immunomodulator and a flu vaccine are being developed at the 'Cantacuzino' National Institute for Medical-Military Research and Development, the institution's director, medical Colonel Florin Oancea told a press conference on Tuesday.

Oancea said that the flu vaccine is being tested on 200,000 embryonated eggs and that plans are afoot to turn this line of development into an experimental area of strategic micro-production.

The cited official added that the reasons for the suspension in 2013 of the production of the flu vaccine at the Cantacuzino Institute were also analyzed in this process, and that a safe vaccine will be hopefully available next year.

Polidin will be put back on the market as a dietary supplement, he said, because "putting it on the market as a medicine would be much more complicated and time consuming. We hope that in a year or two it will be on the market," Oancea said.