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Healthcare: Cervical cancer kills 2,000 women in Romania, every year

Every year, cervical cancer kills 2,000 women in Romania, said  Alexandru Rafila, the president of the Romanian Society of Microbiology after the meeting of the international Board for the prevention and control of HPV infections.

“There is a 100% statistic correlation between cases of cervical cancer and papilloma virus infections. It was proven that all these cancer cases are produced by papilloma virus infections and other cancers with different locations are associated with the same type of infection, papilloma virus,” the microbiologist said.

He reminded the existence of a very efficient vaccine against this type of cancer.

“In countries where this program was introduced ten years ago the number of infections and incidents of pre-cancer lesions produced by these infections has significantly dropped. In Australia or Denmark, for instance, it is a health problem which has been practically eradicated and it is an element of  confidence in health administration for professionals and for people,” Rafila said.

He mentioned that tens of millions girls have been vaccinated in the world and reached adulthood without getting cervical cancer.

“It is probably one of the safest vaccines with remarkable effects in protecting against infections with papilloma virus,” Rafila added.

There are 12,000 requests of girl parents for HPV vaccines, according to Rafila.