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Healthcare: Diseases placing Romania on top of EU black statistics


About 4 million Romanians died in the last ten years for medical causes, about 2.4 millions being killed by three diseases. Cardiovascular diseases are the main cause of death among Romanians, the most frequent being ischemic heart disease, according to data published by the National Statistics Institute (INS). Tumours, followed by digestive diseases rank second in the case of death causing diseases in Romania. Endocrine diseases, such as diabetes, rank 9th, after deaths caused by respiratory illnesses, traumatic lesions or genital-urinary diseases.

In the last decade, 1,682,935 people, that is one person every three minutes, died in Romania because of cardiovascular diseases, 570,857 died of ischemic heart diseases and 525,343 died because of cerebral vascular affections. Romania ranks first in Europe in the black top of mortality because of cardiovascular diseases.

3,947,369 Romanians dies over 2006-2016 from medical causes, about 2.4 million persons (2,379,770 people) being killed by the first three affections in this black death top.

Statistics on regions show that the South-Muntenia area recorded the highest number of deaths causes by cardiovascular diseases, with 300,955 cases, 26,049 being registered in 2016 alone. The Western area recorded the fewest deaths generated by cardiovascular affections, with 155,551 deaths, 13,625 of which took place last year.

Most people died in Bucharest on the overall and because of the most frequent two affections. 132,481 people from Bucharest died from cardiovascular affections, 48,082 from ischemic heart disease and 45,733 were killed by cerebral vascular illnesses. Tulcea county is at the opposite pole with 19,267 deaths, 1,709 of which were recorded last year.

Cardiovascular diseases are followed  by tumours in the top of death causing diseases among Romanians. Tumours caused the death of 533,086 Romanians in the last ten years, according to INS data over 2006-2016. 51,772 persons died last year from that cause.

Most deaths were recorded in the North-Eastern area, with a total of 86,328, of which 8,615 happened in 2016. The South-Western area is at the opposite pole with 48,225 deaths, 4,685 of which were last year. The classification per counties is headed by Bucharest, with 57,074 people killed by affections associated with tumours, with 5,391 cases in 2016. Covasna is the county with fewest deaths caused by tumours, with 5,311 persons who died in the last ten years and 494 last year.

The top of the first three death causing diseases among Romanians is completed by diseases of the digestive system, 163,749 people died from that cause, most deaths being in the North Eastern area, 32,670 cases on the overall, 2,906 of which in 2016. Statistics end with the Western area, with a total of 11,838 deaths caused by digestive affections, 1,035 recorded last year. The black top is led by Bucharest with 14,506 cases, of which 1176 in 2016. Covasna county is at the end of the top with a total of 1260 deaths and 113 in 2016.

Respiratory diseases follow in the black top of death causes in Romania, with 144,506 cases, recorded in the last ten years. The North East was the most affected area with 27,591 cases, 2,599 of which in 2016. Although Bucharest-Ilfov area ranks last  with 11,808 deaths, Bucharest leads the black top in counties in case of this affection. Respiratory complications caused the death of 9,953 persons in Bucharest alone, while the county top is concluded by Covasna county with 1146 deaths.

122,746 Romanians died in the last ten years because of  traumatic lesions, poisons or other external causes. Most deaths were recorded in the North-East, with 24,663 cases (2,097 in 2016), while the fewest were in Bucharest, 9.707 cases (730 in 2016). Despite that fact, Bucharest leads in the death top in counties, with 7,846 deaths caused by traumatic lesions, poisons or other external causes in the last 10 years, 591 alone in 2016. The black top ends with Covasna county, with 1,448 cases, 121 recorded last year.

Diseases of the genital-urinary system caused the deaths of 31,217 Romanians in the last 10 years, 3,623 of Romanians died last year because of this type of affections. Most deaths were recorded in the North-East, 5,381, with 549 cases in 2016, while Bucharest-Ilfov ranked last with 2,877 deaths, of which 334 last year. The Capital registered 2,555 cases, while Ilfov recorded the fewest number of persons killed by genital-urinary affections with 322 cases in ten years,

Nervous diseases follow in the black death top. 30,738 Romanians lost their lives over 2006-2016, 3,916 in 2016. The South-Muntenia area is most affected by these diseases, with 5,377 cases, while the South-Western area ends the list with 1,882 deaths. The county top is headed by Bucharest with 3,609 cases and ends with Bistrita Nasaud county with 111 cases in ten years.

Infectious and parasitary diseases represent the 8th most frequent death cause among Romanians. 27,731 persons died from that cause over 2006-2016, 3,126 lost their lives last year. Most people died in the North-Eastern area (6,543/826 in 2016) and Bucharest (2,196/ 304 in 2016). The fewest deaths were recorded in the Western area (2,514/ 262 in 2016) and Gorj county (243/13 in 2016). The most frequent disease of the kind is tuberculosis which killed 14,774 Romanians in the last 10 years, 969 in 2016.

Endocrine, nutrition and metabolism diseases are the 9th death cause in Romania, diabetes mellitus being the most common cause. 26,973 Romanians died in the last ten years because of this type of diseases, 25,505 deaths being recorded among people with diabetes. South Muntenia region is the most affected with 5,124 cases, while the fewest people killed by those affections were recorded in Bucharest-Ilfov (1,742/137 in 2016). Mures county had most deaths (2027/135 in 2016) while Olt had the fewest (153/26 in 2016).

The incidence of death caused by diabetes was higher in South Muntenia (4,794/850 in 2016) and the lowest was Bucharest-Ilfov area (1593 persons/116 in 2016). The situation in counties ranks Mures with most deaths causes by diabetes (1971 people/130 in 2016) and Olt county with the fewest people killed by that affection (145 persons/24 in 2016).

Mental and behavior disturbances caused the death of 5,127 Romanians over 2006-2016. Most people who died lived in South Eastern area (1276) and in Valcea county (606 persons) while the fewest were from Bucharest-Ilfov (184) and Brasov (18 with 0 cases in 2016).

27,036 Romanians died over 2006-2016 from other causes, 2882 deaths being included in that category last year.