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Healthcare: Population health improvement can add 9% to Romania's GDP in 20 years

Improving the people's health through investments in the field could add 9% to Romania's GDP in 20 years. The economic effects of improving the people's health, including the extension of work participation and productivity increase have the potential to boost annual GDP by 26 billion dollars by 2040, compared to the scenario in which  present conditions are maintained.

Every dollar invested in the field of health could bring an economic benefit of 1.8 dollars for Romania. The extension of work participation of certain categories of people (elderly people, persons with health problems and disabilities) could generate a plus of 11.5% billion dollars in Romanian economy in 2040.

The reduction of precarious health level could generate 7.8 billion dollars and the increase of productivity by 4.3 billion dollars after improving health level, a study made by the consulting company McKinsey& Company shows.