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Healthcare: Romania ranks last in EU for health expenses


Romania is the EU state which allocates the lowest GDP percentage (5.1% in 2014) for health. Sweden, France, Germany and the Netherlands are at the opposite pole allocating 11% of GDP in 2014, Eurostat data published on Wednesday show.

Bulgaria allocated in 2014 8.5% of GDP for health, the Czech Republic 7.6%, Hungary 7.2% and Poland 6.3%.

Romania ranks last when it comes to per capita expenses for health, with 388 euros in 2014, compared to 504 euros in Bulgaria, 684 in Poland and 757 euros in Hungary.

Eurostat points out that in most EU countries, most health expenses are for curative services and medical rehabilitation, the second chapter being expenses for medical products, the champions being Bulgaria (43%) and Romania (37%) with the lowest expenses in that category.

Another indicator in which Romania is among the last in EU is expenses concerning preventive care, While Italy and Great Britain allocate each 4.1% of expenses for preventive cure, Romania and Cyprus rank last with 0.8% and 0.6%.

As for health expenses based on suppliers, the analysis shows that hospitals are the main health service suppliers (42.7% in Romania), followed by suppliers of ambulatory medical service suppliers, whose share in overall health expenses varied in 2014 between 11.4% in Romania, 32.1% in Belgium and Liechtenstein. The share of health expenses belonging to retailers and other medical service suppliers vary between less than 10% in Denmark and Luxembourg, 30-35% in Greece, Lithuania, Croatia, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia and reaches 42.4% in Bulgaria.