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Huge deficit of work force in the hospitality industry

Calin Ilie, the chairman of the Federation of Hospitality Industry of Romania (FIHR) and the general manager of IBIS Continental Hotels  Romania said on Wednesday that the deficit of workforce in the hospitality industry is of 100,000 people and among the solutions proposed  by the companies in the domain is the introduction of the tip on the bill.

Another solution is investment in education. The companies in the domain invested in dual education but the estimated deficit  is a minimum of 100,000 people, Ilie said.

At present,  in the hospitality industry there are approximately 400,000 people according to the data presented by Dragos Petrescu, the owner of the group City Grill and the chairman of Association HORA.

Similarly, the companies in the domain propose import of workforce from the non-EU countries and the facilitation of the mobility of employees meaning from one part of the country to the other or to encourage those who work abroad to come back as it is estimated that one million Romanians work in bars, restaurants and on cruise ships abroad.

In case of import of workforce, the costs are 1,500 – 2,000 euro but the  FIHR chairman said that the problem is that it takes too long to have the documents which is approximately 3 months and supplementary costs to the salary, namely transport and accommodation are not deductable but taxable, so they are supplementary costs for the companies.

Another solution proposed by the owners of restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, tourism agencies and catering companies is the introduction of the tip or tips on the bill as it happens in America. And they have already forwarded a proposal to the ministry of public finances.

The tips varies between 5% and 20% from the total value of the bill in western countries and from 5 to 35% of the value of services in Arab countries. ‘ The countries where the tip is mentioned on the bill but it is also appropriate to leave something over are: Switzerland, Columbia, Egypte, Bolivia. The countries where the tip is included in the receipt and nobody expects anything more are:Argentina, France, Brasil. The countries where there is no tip are Finland, Denmark, Japan, New Zealand, China. The countries where the client leaves between 10 and 20% are Germany, the UK, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Canada, Turkey, Greece, Russia, the US, etc’ the HORA representatives say.

In April 2015 MFP tried to regulate the tip but the measure was annulled after one month because it could not be enforced.