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Infrastructure: AirConnect starts operating on Baneasa Airport with inaugural flight to Baia Mare

The Romanian-owned airline AirConnect launched its operations from Bucharest Baneasa "Aurel Vlaicu" International Airport, with four daily flights and four arrivals, at prices starting from 50 euros.

"This is the moment when, in fact, AirConnect consolidates its presence in Bucharest by repositioning itself to a new home, which we hope will be successful and bring our passengers the benefits they are so much looking for and for the moment we could not offer them by operating in other airports. (...) AirConnect was born out of a desire to serve regional routes, and there is probably no better place to depart from Bucharest than Aurel Vlaicu Airport, because, on the one hand, it is in the centre of the city, we practically cross the Herastrau Park and reach Victoriei Square, on the other hand it is probably the most modern airport in terms of infrastructure, we benefit from an extremely well developed landing strip, and the airport benefits from first class facilities. So basically it can offer passengers a, let's say, very short stay between the airport car park and the seat on the plane. While in other places and in other capitals this stay can last between an hour and an hour and a half, at Baneasa we can boast that in 5 minutes you get off the car and you can practically complete all the security control formalities and get to your seat on the plane," said AirConnect General Manager Tudor Constantinescu.

The first flight operated by the company from Bucharest-Baneasa was to Baia Mare.

In terms of routes from Bucharest, AirConnect will fly to Suceava, Baia Mare and Timisoara.

"We are also considering other domestic routes on which to expand the company's operation, and internationally, for the moment, it flies to Budapest. From the country we fly during the season to Constanta from Timisoara and Cluj. Once again we would like to emphasise the joy with which we are making this move (from Otopeni Airport to Baneasa Airport - ed. note). We want to remind passengers of the advantages they will enjoy at Baneasa Airport. Basically, the proximity of multiple means of public transport and the fact that the airport offers an extremely short route for passengers, which allows them to shorten their total travel time to their desired destination," he said.