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Infrastructure: Baneasa Airport reopens after 9 years


Bucharest Aurel Vlaicu International Airport (Baneasa) reopened on Monday, August 1, on the occasion of the 110th anniversary of its inauguration, manager of Bucharest Airports Company, George Dorobantu said.


The airport has gone through a program of modernization of airport buildings and equipment in recent years.


Three airline companies are already ready to start scheduled and charter flights on Baneasa. “We already have three advanced discussions at the stage of signing contracts to operate from Baneasa. It is about Ryanair which is looking for solutions to increase its aircraft base in Romania, they will operate two flights from the autumn or winter season, Air Connect which announced its intention to operate also from Baneasa, currently they are authorized for Otopeni but will also operate at Baneasa, for flights with short distance ATR aircraft. There is another company registered in the Republic of Moldova, Fly One for charter flights, Baneasa-Chisinau,” said Dorobantu, who resigned from the position of manager of Bucharest Airports Company.


Unlike Otopeni Airport where passengers must arrive at least two hours before boarding, at Baneasa the time will be less than an hour.


Also on Monday, August 1, 2022, an event is scheduled to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the establishment of B?neasa Airport, considered the third oldest airport in the world still in operation.


Baneasa Airport was inaugurated in 1920, but its history begins on August 1, 1912, when the Romanian Air League, led by Prince George Valentin Bibescu, established a piloting school for military pilots in Baneasa.