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Infrastructure: Every day the airports in Romania register up to 7 flights delayed or annuled


Everyday the airports in Romania  register between three and seven flights delayed or annulled and frequently there are situations where the passengers arrive at the airport and discover that the flight schedule has been modified or even the flight was  annulled, according to the data sent by the platform FlightClaim.ro.

Over 1,000 Romanians receive monthly, through the Dutch company Flight Claim.ro between 250 and 600 euro from the airline companies, a press release shows.

The company registers daily between 30 and 50 demands for compensation from the Romanian passengers who want to get their rights from the airline companies.

Most  delayed and annulled flights were registered by the Tarom company, as well as  the low cost companies Wizz Air, Ryanair and Blue Air.

According the data FlightClaim.ro, the destinations with the highest delays are Milan, Madrid, Rome, Larnace and London.

‘ The charter flights in summer represent a special risk for the Romanian passengers and that is why our team cooperates with the tourism agencies in Romania to insure the support and necessary assistance for their tourists in this situation. We have obtained compensations for the Romanian passengers whose flight, starting in Romania was annulled for operational reasons’ Cees Werff, general manager FlightClaim.ro stated.

Depending on the delay, the passengers are liable for compensations between 250 and 600 euro/person, plus other expenses.

Under 10% of the passengers affected by delayed or annulled flights or whose boarding was denied are interested to require compensation of 250, 400 or 600 euro from the airline companies or through specialized companies. This extremely low percentage is due to the lack of knowledge of the rights of passengers, difficulties in getting into direct contact with the airline company or lack of  time.

FlightClaim.EU.com is a specialized company for the assistance of passengers with delayed, annulled or overbooking flights to get legal compensations from the airline companies. The company has been present on the European market for two years and in Romania for one year. Flightclaim.ro has obtained until now compensations of over 20,000 passengers from Europe and for over 5,000 passengers of Romania, without any initial cost for the affected passengers.