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Infrastructure: Free Wi-Fi onboard for the passengers of Airbus 318s and Boeing 737s aircraft operated by Romania's TAROM


Airbus 318s and Boeing 737s aircraft operated by Romania's TAROM national airline carrier will be providing free Wi-Fi onboard entertainment for the passengers called AirFi as from March 14, TAROM officials told a news conference on Monday. 

"AirFi is onboard entertainment provided to passengers flying with TAROM. Unfortunately, the service is not available for all the company's aircraft because of legal requirements related to navigability, and that is why we can provide this service both to domestic and international flights aboard Airbus 310s and Boeing 737s. Because this is entertainment, passengers will get movies, news, music and various other information to be set in the AirFi box. It works like an intranet where information can be accessed via Wi-Fi connections using suitable devices. This is not Internet access. We are talking about the comfort of TAROM passengers and we hope this added service is a plus that makes passengers choose TAROM. The service, which TAROM gets for free, is provided under a partnership with DNata Romania," said TAROM Director General Eugen Davidoiu. 

The system will be available aboard eight aircraft. 

AirFi is an entertainment platform that can be accessed using suitable wireless-enabled mobile devices (smart phones, tablets, laptops) providing a wide range of media options for children and adults alike, including information about TAROM, news, press stories, movies, games, chatting with other passengers. At the same time passengers can voice their opinions on the services provided by filling in a feedback questionnaire. 

In order to access the AirFi platform, the passengers will have to set their devices in the airplane mode and get connected via a browser to the Wi-Fi network. 

TAROM was established in 1954, operating under the authority of the Transport Ministry. In 1993, it became a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), while in 2010 it joined the SkyTeam Airline Alliance.