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Infrastructure: Ioan Rus: Romania needs to build 700-800 km of highway


Romania needs to build 700-800 km of highway and several thousand kilometres of express and regional roads as well as beltways for county seats, according to the minister of transports Ioan Rus.

“Investments in infrastructure are an urgent matter. Romania needs to build 700-800 km of highway, about 2,000 km of express roads, 3,000 km of regional roads and beltways for county seats,”said Ioan Rus on Tuesday at the EU Summit for South East Europe, organized by The Economist.


About 30 billion euros are needed for the 2014-2030 period. “Viable public-private partnerships are needed. Unfortunately we have no example of massive successful public-private partnerships. We have no successful concession to use as starting point for future concessions,”the minister pointed out.

In his opinion, there are big differences in Romania in the economic development of regions and we must have in view both the European interest supposing pan-European corridors and the national interest. “There is life not only on the pan-European corridor but also in Vaslui and Radauti,”the minister of transports explained.


According to him, 2014 is the first year when the absorption of European funds exceeds 50% and in 2015 Romania will attract the money granted in the financial exercise 2007-2013.