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Infrastructure: Necessary investments in transport sector is 73 billion euros in next ten years


Investments needed in the transport sector in Romania amount to 73 billion euros over 2020-2030, said  Lucian Bode, the minister of transports, infrastructure and communications.

At a press conference he presented the investment plan for the development of transport infrastructure for 2020-2030, as part of the the government's Economic Relaunch Plan. “Our strategy is based on two pillars: massive investments – we need investments of 73 billion euros for 2020-2030, and pillar 2: structural policies to back investment efficiency,” the minister said. 

According to the Transport Ministry, the largest amount of overall investments needed, is for the road sector – 36.93 billion euros (31.8 billion euros  primary network, 5.75 billion euros secondary network, 0.1 billion euros road safety).

Then there is the railroad sector, where 19.16 billion euros are needed  (14.39 billion euros primary network, 4.02 billion euros secondary network and 0.75 billion euros railroad equipment).

The underground infrastructure needs investments of 8.8 billion euros (7.8 billion euros in Bucharest and 1 billion euros in Cluj). 3.5 billion euros are needed for the naval sector (2.06 billion euros river ports, 1.33 billion euros sea ports and 1.07 billion euros Danube and and shipping canals). 3.5 billion euro investments are needed for air transport (2 billion euros primary network, 1 billion euros secondary structure and 0.05 billion euros tertiary network).

Minister Bode showed that the transport sector will receive 2% of GDP per year, against 0.6% at present. “That does not mean the implementation of projects is guaranteed. We must solve structural problems, which have in view the low implementation capacity. It is important that all projects be carried out at high level,” the minister pointed out.