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Law facilitating investments in irrigation systems from national and European funds promulgated


President Klaus Iohannis promulgated on Friday, the law amending and completing the Land melioration law no. 138/2004 and the amending of article III, paragraph (1) and (3) of law 269/2015 approving government emergency order 4/2015 amending government emergency order 83/2011 on certain organization measures for land melioration, the Presidential Administration informs.


The document mentions facilitating investments in irrigation systems from national and European funding. Thus, the promulgated law will replace the owners' written consent as there are many cases when investments are blocked because land owners cannot be identified.


Therefore, in case contracts do not explicitly include the land owners' consent and/or they cannot be identified, the authorization owners will publish a notification on the intention to carry out works, at the mayoralty of the locality where the lands are, identifying those lands according to provisions of law 138/2004.


The “Agency for Financing Rural Investments, organizations and federations benefit from the servitude right for underground, land or aerial passage and the right of use on lands public or private property located within the land melioration area. These rights have as object the public use of goods and are compulsory throughout their existence, without being included in the land documents. They include the right of use, maintenance, repair and guard of respective goods as well as the removal of disaster follow-ups and application of environment protection measures, according to legal provisions in force”, according to the law promulgated by the head of state.


Irrigation systems are authorized by the National Land Melioration Agency.

For local irrigation systems set up before the coming into force of the present law, beneficiaries must be authorized by the Agency in 6 months time since the approval of methodological norms”.