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Minister Stroe: EC accepts financing request for underground section to Otopeni


Fekix Stroe, the minister of transports announced that the financing request for M6 underground section 1 Mai- Henri Coanda International Airport Otopeni was accepted by the European Commission, for a total value of 1.391 billion euros.

“On December 24, the Transport Ministry made a written application for underground section M6. The financing request was accepted by EC for an underground section of 14.2 km and 12 stations, with a total value of 1.391 billion euros. That is a good thing,” Felix Stroe said.

He added that the difference of 300 million euros will be paid by EBRD, which offered to complete the financing.

“We are speaking about a very serious international financial institution - the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. So it’s good news. Section M6 has the full financing and things cannot be stopped”, Felix Stroe added.