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Online stores report 1.5pct revenues increases on Black Friday 


Online stores recorded, on Black Friday, revenues worth almost 21 million EUR, increasing by 1.5pct compared to the same period last year, according to the data published on last Thursday by one of the largest online marketing agencies of Romania.

According to Limitless Agency, the largest order registered during the period with the most important discounts of the year was a television sold for 148,731 EUR.

Compared to the analyzed period, online stores reported increases between 5pct and 10pct in total sales. Therefore, the revenues are higher by 1.5pct (nearly 21 million EUR), the number of orders higher by 3pct (150,499), the average spending per user higher by 6.2pct (two EUR) and the conversion rate higher by 1pct (to 2.4pct).

On the other hand, decreases were recorded in the average order - by 2pct (to 126 EUR), the number of users - by 3pct (5 million users) and the number of e-shops sessions - by 5pct (to 7.6 million sessions).

According to the quoted source, the top industries with the highest revenues during the Black Friday 2022 weekend were: IT&C (16 million EUR, down 1.4pct compared to 2021); Fashion (1.8 million EUR, +8.5pct); House & Garden (700,000 EUR, +30.5pct); Automotive (694,000 EUR, +19.7pct); Bookstore (260,000 EUR, -3.2pct); Beauty (195,000 EUR, +163.3pct); Baby (172,000 EUR, +31.7pct); Jewelry (142,000 EUR, -21.6pct); Pharma (138,000 EUR, +59.5pct); Food (136,000 EUR, -14.6pct).

Furthermore, between 1 and 13 November, compared to the similar period of last year, there were increases in the average order - by almost 4pct (to almost 116 EUR/order) and in the average income/user - by 6pct (to 1.68 EUR).

At the same time, the number of orders decreased by 10pct, to over 382,000, by 7.6pct for revenues (44.3 million EUR), the number of users - by 3pct (almost 17 million users), the number of e-shops sessions - by 2.8pct (over 24 million sessions) and the conversion rate - by 2.6pct (to 2.05pct).

Limitless Agency's analysis shows that the top three industries with the highest sales, between 1 and 13 November, were the following: IT&C (32 million EUR, decreasing by 11.8pct vs 2021), Fashion (almost 4.5 million EUR, +9.4pct) and Automotive (1.6 million EUR, -6.9pct).

The data included in the relevant analysis was collected from 568 online stores.

Limitless Agency is one of the largest online marketing agencies in Romania, offering complete solutions for digital promotion, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO, Shopping Automation and data analysis.