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Only 74 non-food products, traded in Romania have a European ecological label

Only 74 non-food products in Romania have a European ecological label and carry the sign of the European flower, for the rest either the agreement was not required  for the EU sign or the criteria were not followed at European level, informs the National Agency for the Protection of the Environment (ANPM) in a press release sent on Friday.

‘The shelves in shops are full of non-food products with all kinds of BIO or ECO signs, but few buyers know what the Green European label looks like. This sign of the environmentally friendly products can be required only to ANPM and the products must observe a set of criteria, to get the EU ecological label. These environmental criteria take into consideration the whole life cycle of the product and aim at several products groups, among which cleaning solutions, apparata, paper products, textiles, house and garden objects, lubricants and two types of services: touristic accommodation and camping. On the Romanian market there are at present 74 products from the categories mentioned above, which obtained the ecological label, for a period of five years’ said the ANPM chairman, Laurentiu Alexandru Pastinaru.

ANPM is the only Romanian institution at which level the Technical Secretariat of the Commission works for EU ecological labelling in the Department for the Control of Pollution and Regulations – Service EMAS Risk management.

According to the experts in the commission, the European ecological label represents a voluntary system, conceived to encourage the economical operators to trade goods and services which are friendly to the environment as well to promote circular economy through the generation of a smaller quantity of waste and CO2.

The Green European label and the promotion of products with the ecological label bring a real contribution to the greatest challenges of the environment identified in the European Green Pact such as: climatic neutrality until 2050, circular economy and zero pollution for non-toxic environment.

‘Products and services for which the ecological label is requested can carry the European flower logo, Ecolabel, only after the National Commission for Ecological Label decides that they observe the European regulations specific for each product. For many of the products for which the logo is requested are far from the performance of environment imposed by the Romanian legislation for the EU ecological label, many times we are forced to reject the files. We cannot offer the ecological lable for a corrosive product, for example, which presents risks for health, it is normal!’ the ANPM head says.

At present, the Technical Secretariat of the Commission for EU ecological label of ANPM there are lodged for analysis the files of several economic operators who trade different types of detergent, paints and other materials for interior design, as well as printed paper.