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Real estate market: Highest rent for villa in Romania - over 27,000 euros

The highest rent requested in Romania for a villa is of 27,000 euros. The villa is in Aviatorilor area, has 1,470 sq.m and 7 floors, was built in the inter-war period and was renovated, consolidated and modernized in 2013, according to the site imobiliare.ro.

In Piata Romana area, a villa, historic monument can be rented for 25,000 euros/month. It has 29 rooms, an area of 1,125 sq.m and land of 1,000 sq.m. Built in 1865, the villa was completely renovated in 2009.

In Dorobanti area, a villa built in 1939, with an area of 1,200 sq.m and land of 1,260 sq.m is rented for 20,000 euros/month. The property includes two villas one connected to the other and can be rented separately at the price of 12,000 euros/month each. The building was consolidated and renovated in 2008 and has the original decorative elements.

An old villa in the centre of Cluj is rented for 5,000 euros/month. It has three floors, nine rooms and an area of 420 sq.m. The land has 800 sq.m.

The same amount is requested by the owner of a villa completed in 2002, in Cale Turzii area, with 13 rooms and an area of 550 sq.m.

In the Casino area, Constanta a Baroque style villa built in 1913 is rented for 5,000 euros/month. Located on a piece of land of 550 sq.m the building has 800 sq.m and 23 rooms. It was renovated in the year 2000.An inter-war villa located in the central part of Constanta can be rented for 3,600 euros/month. It was renovated, has 11 rooms and 590 sq.m and land of 215 sq.m.

In Iasi, a villa with 13 rooms and 390 sq.m and land of 400 sq.m. has a rental price of 5,000 euros/month.

The most expensive villa available for renting in Timisoara has a price of 3,000 euros/month and is located in Take Ionescu area. Completed in 2002, the villa has 8 rooms of which 5 bedrooms, an area of 340 sq.m. and land of 595 sq.m.