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Real estate: Number of building licenses issued in 2020 dropping by 2.9% versus 2019


The number of building licenses for residential constructions issued in 2020 was 41,311, on the drop by 2.9% compared to the previous year, according to data published on Friday by the National Statistic Institute (INS).


Drops were recorded în the following regions: South-East (-632 licenses), Center (-353), West (-332), South-West Oltenia (-164) and Bucharest-Ilfov (-161). Increases were recorded in the following areas: North-West (+264), South-Muntenia (+115) and North-East (+33).


3,530 building licenses were issued in December 2020 for residential buildings, 70.2% of which are for the rural area.


In December 2020 there was an increase of the number of building licenses issued for residential constructions (+378 licenses), compared to the previous month, that is 12%.


Per development regions, the situation was as follows: South-West (+100 licenses), North-West (+66), North-East (+55), South-Muntenia (+54), Center (+41), West (+36) and Bucharest-Ilfov (+34). The drop was recorded in the South-East region (-8).


INS data also show that in December 2020 compared to the same month of the previous year there was an increase of the number of licenses issued for residential buildings (+348 licenses), that is 10.9%, an increase reflected in the following areas: Bucharest-Ilfov (+135), South- Muntenia (+115), South-West Oltenia (+104), North-East (+12). Drops were in the following areas: South-East (-25), West (-23) and Center (-4).