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Romania, 931 kilometers of motorway at end of 2021, meaning 5.3% of national road length


Romania had 931 kilometers of motorway at the end of last year, representing 5.3% of the length of national roads, according to a press release sent by the National Institute of Statistics (INS).

"Of the length of national roads, 6,197 km (35.4%) were European roads, 931 km (5.3%) were motorways, and from the standpoint of number of lanes, 1,978 km (11.3%) were roads with 4 lanes, 297 km (1.7%) roads with 3 lanes and 36 km (0.2%) roads with 6 lanes. The length of county roads were 47.1% modernized roads and 35.2% were cobbled communal roads," INS specifies.

According to the statistics, almost a third of modernized roads in Romania had their service life exceeded by the end of 2021.

The length of public roads totaled 86,199 km, of which 17,530 km (20.3%) were national roads, 35.096 km (40.7% on county roads and 33,573 (30.9%) were communal roads.

From the stand point of coverage, the public roads network registered: 47.1% (40,571 km) of modernized roads, at a rate of 93.7% modernized roads with medium and heavy asphalt pavement, 24.5% (21,112) km of light road pavement and 28.4% (24,516 km) of cobbled roads and soil.

On December 2021, the length of public railway summed up 10,764 km, including 10,626 (98.7%) lines with normal track gauge, 134 km (1.3%) of large track gauge and 4 km of lines with narrow track gauge.

The line density at 1000 sq km of territory was 45.2 per thousand, and the length of main railway was 5,991 km, representing 55.7% of the simple length of running railway.