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Romania had 920 km of highways at the end of 2020


- At the end of 2020, the length of the motorways had increased by 6.2%, namely by 54 km, compared to the end of 2019.

- The electrified railways accounted for 37.5% of the railway network in operation at the end of 2020.


On 31.XII.2020, the public roads amounted to 86791 km, out of which 17913 km (20.6%) national roads, 35085 km (40.4%) county roads and 33793 km (39.0%) communal roads. From the point of view of the pavement, the structure of the public road network indicated the following: 45.2% (39189 km) modernised roads, out of which 93.5% were modernised roads with hard and medium-thick asphalt cover, 24.9% (21651 km) roads with light cover and 29.9% (25951 km) stone covered and earth roads.


With regard to the technical state of the public roads, 33.4% of the modernised roads length and 40.9% of the roads with light cover had an expired service life. Out of the total national roads, 6178 km (34.5%) were European roads, 920 km (5.1%) were motorways, and, as regards the number of traffic lanes, 1959 km (10.9%) were 4 traffic lane roads, 297 km (1.7%) were 3 traffic lane roads and 35 km (0.2%) were 6 traffic lane roads. A share of 43.4% of the county roads length were modernised roads and 35.8% of the communal roads were stone covered roads.


On 31.XII.2020, the railways of public use in operation amounted to 10769 km, out of which 10631 km (98.7%) were normal gauge railways, 134 km (1.3%) broad gauge railways and 4 km narrow gauge railways. The density of the railways per 1000 km2 territory was 45.2‰. The highest densities were reported in the Bucharest-Ilfov region (156.3‰), in the West region (58.9‰), in the South-East region (48.8‰) and in the North-West region (48.7‰). On the same date, the length of the major railways was 5990 km, representing 55.6% of the simple length of the railway network in operation.