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Romania must make urgent reserve stocks of medicine


The Association of Industrial Producers of Medicine (PRIMER) stated that Romania must begin to urgently build a reserve stock of medicine in order to successfully get over the cold season which will also see the new wave of SARS-CoV-2 infections.

PRIMER drew attention that, in order to "cross the next six months, which are critical", European countries are starting to make substantial stocks of medicine for colds and the flu, of emergency injectable products used in the ICUs, as well as antivirals that "prove promising results in the treatment of COVID-19."

"Ever since the months of July and August the medicine producers in Romania received orders for export about ten times as large over the same period of 2019, sign that the recipient countries are building strategic stocks in order to overcome the dangers of this autumn and winder," said the executive director of PRIMER, Dragos Damian, according to a release sent last week.

According to the quoted source, up to this time, the medicine producers in the country did not receive orders from the authorities to create emergency stocks, and thus PRIMER members have their lines occupied in order to respond to orders for export.

"Romania must immediately order stocks of the aforementioned medicine, in sufficient quantities. We are available to the authorities, yet, if orders are not placed in time, there is a serious risk, just as in this year's spring, for the necessary medicine to not be available or we be unavailable to manufacture additional stocks. Additionally, if new states of emergency intervene, the medicine coming through import will not be able to reach the country, if the borders close," said the PRIMER executive director.