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Telecom. IT: Data centralized by ANCOM for 2020


12 years since launching the service moving phone numbers from one network to another , Authority for Administration and Regulation in Communications (ANCOM) published at the end of 2020, new data informing that over 7 million Romanians selected that option.  Of them, 6,121,287 are mobile phone numbers and 884,433 are fixed numbers.


ANCOM numbers show that over January-September 2020, RCS&RDS received 266,661 mobile phone numbers, Telekom had 107,830 numbers from other networks, Vodafone 95,640, Orange 87,790 and Telekom Romania Mobile Communications 65,138 numbers.


The portability of phone numbers was launched in Romania on October 21, 2008.

Another relevant statistic refers to Internet and data traffic in Romania, which grew by 26% on the average in the emergency state, compared to 60 days before the restriction period.


The specialized analysis shows that in the reference period the Internet and data traffic grew by 30% in fixed networks and by 5% in mobile networks, while voice traffic grew by 11%. By mid 2020, the overall mobile Internet traffic grew only by 12% so that the average monthly mobile Internet traffic /capita reached 4.6 GB.


The voice and data volume consumed during the emergency state (March 16- May 15, 2020) reached 1.8 thousand PB (+30% against the previous period) in fixed networks, 0.2 thousand PB (+5%) in mobile networks. “The more pronounced data traffic increase in fixed networks can be correlated to the fact that most users were at home during the emergency state, using Wi-Fi connections of the fixed Internet router, rather than mobile Internet, including voice and data on mobile devices,” the Authority shows.


In the case of voice traffic, the number of calls made grew by 11% in the same period, exceeding 13 billion minutes, of which 97% were in mobile phone networks. The same traffic made through mobile networks grew by 12% in the first semester of the year, but the short message traffic dropped by 25% per semester, on the background of the more intense use of instant message applications and social networks. The average mobile phone traffic per person was 5 hours and 12 minutes/month, and 31 short messages/month.


At general level, the telecommunication sector in Romania recorded a 4% income drop in the first half of 2020 but remained over the threshold of 8 billion lei (about 1.7 billion euros). Of that total, mobile telephony generated 39% of total, fixed and mobile Internet had a share of 30%, re-broadcasting of TV programs -14% and services 17%.


On the other hand, in the case of postal services in Romania, ANCOM data show that its value exceeded 3 billion lei in 2019, on the drop by 3% compared to the previous year.


The national mobile signal coverage platform, aisemnal.ro with which users can learn the coverage degree and the level of 2G,3G and 4G signal for each mobile phone operators in Romania was made by ANCOM based on measurements made during the campaign checking the fulfillment of coverage obligations by mobile phone service suppliers carried out in 2019.


At present, for 2020, aisemnal.ro includes measuring results in the following counties: Alba, Arad, Braila, Bihor, Bistrita Nasaud, Brasov, Bucharest, Cluj, Constanta, Covasna, Galati, Giurgiu,Ialomita, Iasi, Ilfov, Harghita, Maramures, Salaj, Sibiu, Satu Mare, Timis, Tulcea, Vaslui, Valcea and Vrancea.