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Telecom. IT: Incomes of telecommunications sector dropped by 4% în in the first half of 2020


Incomes in the telecommunications sector recorded a drop of 4% in the first half of the year to 8 billion lei (1.7 billion euros), according to the National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications (ANCOM). At the same time there was an important Internet traffic  of 33% in the same period of 2020.


According to incomes obtained in the first semester 2020, Vodafone and Telekom had a market share of 25% each, Orange 24% and the other suppliers a total of 26%.

The communications market recorded the highest semestrial increase of fixed Internet traffic – 33%- since 2015 and the lowest semestrial increase of mobile Internet traffic (+12%) for the same period of time.


The ANCOM report also shows that 5.5 million fixed Internet connections were registered by mid 2020 (+3% semestrial evolution) of which three quarters are high speed connections (at least 100 Mbps).


The overall fixed Internet traffic grew a lot in the first half of the year because of the sanitary crisis (+33%) which means an average monthly traffic of 41 GB per capita.

The penetration rate of fixed Internet per 100 households was 66% at national level by mid 2020, 76% in the urban area and 53% in the rural area. The difference dropped because of the pandemic context, the growth rate of  the number of connections in the rural area being 7%, a lot over the urban area (+1%).


According to the number of fixed Internet connections recorded by mid 2020, RCS&RDS had a market share of 55%, Telekom group 20%, the other suppliers totaling 25%.


While the total number of connections for mobile Internet dropped by 2%, influenced by the 9% drop for prepaid cards, 4G connections stayed still at 12 millions.

The overall mobile Internet traffic grew only by 12% in the first semester of 2020, so that the average monthly traffic  of mobile Internet/capita reached 4.6GB.


According to the number of mobile Internet connections active by mid 2020, Orange had a market share of 38%, Vodafone 25%, the other suppliers 37%.

The  number of prepaid SIM cards of active mobile phone recorded a historic semestrial drop (-9%), while the number of subscription SIM cards grew by only 1%, so that the total number of active SIM cards dropped by 3%.


Voice traffic by means of mobile networks grew by 12%, increased by the massive 22% increase of the average duration of calls, while the short message traffic continued abrupt falls (-25% per 6 months) on the background of high use of instant message applications and social networks. Thus, the average mobile phone traffic per capita was 5 hours and 12 minutes/month and 31 short messages/ month.


According to the number of active SIM cards by mid 2020, Orange had a market share of 38%, Vodafone 30% and the other suppliers 32%.


Although fixed phone lines continue the usual dropping tend (-4%), the sanitary crisis reversed the evolution rate of fixed telephone traffic: semestrial increase of 17% after many years of consecutive drops, the average monthly per capita traffic being only 9 minutes.


According to the number of subscribers for fixed phone by mid 2020, Telekom had a market share of 38%, RCS&RDS 36%, the other suppliers 26%.