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Telecom. IT: Microsoft report: Romania registers average malware attack rate of 7.46%, over European average


Romania reached a 7.646% malware attack rate in 2018, 2.13% higher than the average European rate, according tot eh 24th edition of  Microsoft Security Intelligence (SIR), released on Wednesday.

According to the study, Romania exceeds the Czech Republic (3.44%), Hungary (6.21%) and Bulgaria (7.20%) at this chapter. In the top of countries with a higher malware attach rate we find Serbia w9th 8.13% average, exceeding the European average by 2.8%.

The second category in which Romania ranks above the world average is the average monthly percentage of devices that face the illicit mining of cryptocurrency. Thus the world average reaches 0.11%, while in Romania it is 0.26%.

On the same segment, the Czech Republic has a rate of 0.09%, while Serbia exceeds the world average by 0.23%.

At general level, Microsoft Security Intelligence shows that ransomware attacks dropped by up to 73% at world level in 2018, this being the result of passing to new methods of cyber attacks, such as mining cryptocurrencies.

Last year, March recorded the highest average monthly percentage of devices which were face by this attack, with a rate of 0.28% of total devices, while in August the rate dropped by up to 0.08%.

At the same time, phishing continues to be the method preferred by cyber  attackers, while the graph of phishing emails detected in the total volume of emails analysed by Microsoft in the whole world shows an average of 0.38% in 2018, growing toward the end of the year when in November it was 0.55% at world level.

The Microsoft report analysed over 6.5 billion security incidents that go through Microsoft cloud every day and were collected data from thousands of security researchers.

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