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Telecom. IT: More than 8 out of ten households in Romania have Internet connection in 2022


More than eight out of ten (82.1%) households in Romania had access to the Internet this year, an increase of 1.3 percentage points compared to the data posted in 2021, according to the National Institute of Statistics (INS).

According to the same source, the proportion of people aged between 16 and 74 who have ever used the Internet was 89.7%, 1.1 percentage points more compared to the previous year, of which 95.4% in the last three months, increasing by 1.1 percentage points, year on year (95.4% against 94.3%).

In 2022, of all households in Romania, 88.6% are connected to the Internet in urban areas, an increase of 14.9 percentage points, compared to the 73.7% share of rural households.

By region, the INS data show that Internet connection was more widespread among households in the Bucharest - Ilfov region (more than 9 out of 10 households have access to the Internet at home), followed by the central region (85.2%) and North-Western regions (85%).

On the other hand, the lowest weights are recorded by the North-Eastern (76.6%), South-Muntenia (77.5%) and South-East (78.4%) regions.

Official statistics reveal that, among current users, 69.2% use the Internet several times a day, and 21.1% once a day or almost every day.

By development region, the share of people who have ever used the Internet was 95.5% in the Bucharest - Ilfov region, which is the highest percentage in the country, followed by the North-Western region, with 93.1%, and the Western region ( 92%). At the opposite pole is the South-Muntenia region - with 85.4%.

The proportion of men who use or have used the Internet is 90%, compared to 89.3% in the case of women, the difference of 0.7 percentage points being lower compared to 2011, when there was a difference of 1.6 percentage points.

The shares of people who use the Internet decrease with age, so that the percentage of people in the 16-34 age group was 98.1%, while for the age group between 55 and 74 there was a share of 73.3%.