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Telecom. IT: Romania to hold auction for 5G frequency bands in Q3, 2022


The tender for the frequency spectrum dedicated to the implementation of 5G services is scheduled for the third quarter next year, according to the action plan put up for public debate on Monday (December 13) by the Romanian telecom market regulator ANCOM, Hotnews.ro reported.


The authorities estimate that the auction may bring EUR 600 mln to the state budget.

This year's auction for the short-term allocation of free bands that may be used to deliver 5G services resulted in two bidders paying EUR 43.4 mln compared to EUR 73 mln expected by the authorities. The two winning bidders will have coverage and development obligations under the frequency spectrum license.


For the 800 MHz band, awarded to RCS&RDS, the obligations are to ensure that 95% of the population of 56 localities outlined in the specifications are covered by mobile broadband communications services with a downward data transfer rate to the user (downlink) of at least 2 Mbps, with a 95% probability of indoor reception. This obligation is due at the latest, the date of December 31, 2023, until the end of the license or April 5, 2029.