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Telecom. IT: Telecom incomes dropped 1% in 2022

Incomes recorded in telecom sector in Romania dropped by 1% in 2022 compared to the previous year, to 16.9 billion lei, while fix and mobile Internet generated the biggest share of total, 35%, according to data published on Wednesday by the National Authority for Administration and Regulations in Communications (ANCOM).


According to authorities, in 2022 the number of fix and mobile Internet connections reached6.4 millions, on the rise by 4% compared to the previous year, while there were 21.4 million active connections for mobile Internet.


In this context, ANCOM representatives show that the difference between urban and rural areas for fix Internet dropped by 3%, to 14%, based on new connections installed in the rural area. Thus, the coverage per 100 households reached 77% at national level, 69% in the rural area and 83% in the urban area.


In the fix Internet segment, there were 6.4 million connections at the end of 2022, 4% more than in 2021, while 90% of them allow speeds exceeding 100 Mbps. At the same time, over a quarter connections (27%) allow speeds of at least 1 Gbps.


The ANCOM report shows the fact that the increase rate of the number of connections to fix Internet, in the rural area (+7%) exceeds the urban one (+3%). The average monthly traffic reached 69 GB/person (+22% every year), that is 2.4 GB/day.

According to the number of connections, the first three fix Internet suppliers are: RCS&RDS (67%), Orange Group (20%) and Vodafone (12%).


Reported to the number of active SIM cards, in 2022 Orange Group had a market share of 37%, Vodafone 30% and RCS&RDS 21%.


As for television services, ANCOM data show that the number of subscribers stagnated at 7.85 millions last year and remains valid the users' preference to migrate to cable services (+6%, to 6.6 million subscribers) to the detriment of satellite services /DTH ( -21%, to a total of 1.2 millions).


For this sector, according to the total number of subscribers, at the end of 2022, RCS&RDS had a market share of 69%, Orange Group 16% and Vodafone 11%.

The top of first three suppliers, considering the incomes obtained from supplying electronic communications networks and services included: Orange Group (40%), Vodafone (24%) and RCS&RDS (24%).

(Photo: https://infocentru.ancom.ro/numere-cu-suprataxa/)