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Telecom. IT: Total income obtained from the supply of networks and electronic communications services dropped by 3.3% in Q1

The National Authority for Administration and Regulation in Communications (ANCOM) announced on Friday that the total income obtained from distribution of networks and services of electronic communications dropped with 3.3% in Q1 against the previous semester, up to 7.76 billion lei (1.67 billion euro). However, against the same semester of last year, the income of the operators increased by 2.4%.

At the same time, the income obtained from landline internet and mobile internet advanced with 2.7% in Q1 against the previous semester up to 2.42 billion lei. They reached 31% of the total of the income on the market.

‘The increase of the number of connections and the internet traffic is reflected in the income of the operators from the supply of these services. As in Q1 of this year against the Q2 of last year, the total income registered a drop with 3%, however the income from the internet increased with 3%.The average monthly income per inhabitant obtained by the delivery of networks and services for electronic communications was 66.3 lei in the first part of this year’ stated Sorin Grindeanu, the chairman of ANCOM.

The biggest drop in Q1 against the previous semester was registered in the area of landline phone – 12.3% up to 890 million lei. In the same interval, the area of mobile telephone dropped by 6.3% up to 2.89  billion lei. At the same time, the monthly income obtained per inhabitant dropped with 2.7% up to 66.3 lei.

‘Even if there is a drop of 6% the income generated by the supply of mobile phone services has the largest share in the income – 37% while the income on the landline phones and the supply of TV programmes distribution represents 11% each in the total of the market’ the press release says.