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Telecom.IT : Over two thirds of Romanians use smartphones more than before pandemic


Seven out of ten Romanians (68.3%) say that, compared to the pre-pandemic period, they use mobile phones more, while over two thirds say that mobile phone applications have influenced their consumption customs to a great extent, a barometer made by Frames, ordered by Factory 4.0 platform shows.


According to the the study “RomanianApp. How mobile applications influence the Romanians' lives” the most used applications are news, social media, movies and health monitoring.


At the same time, over half of respondents (51.7%) use mobile applications connecting them to their own bodies, 18.7% with their cars and 14% with their homes. In the top of most used applications we find those about shopping, productivity (email, documents, tables), music, games, food (food delivery, online recipes), fitness, life style, online courses, traveling and dating.


Data of the National Statistics Institute (INS), quoted by Frames Barometer, show that over 78.2% of Romanian households had access to Internet in 2020, 2.5% more than in the previous year. At the same time, people aged between 16 and 74 who used the Internet at least once reached 85.9%, 3.6% more than in the previous year.

In January 2021, in Romania there were 15.49 million Internet users, on the rise by 0.9% (133,000) against the previous year.


In January 2021 there were 26 million mobile connections in Romania and their number represents 135.6% of the population.


Over two thirds (68.9%) of Romanians declared that mobile applications have influenced, to great extent, their consumption customs and 14.3% that “to a very big extent”. Moreover, 82.9% of people interviewed said they constantly make payments by means of mobile phone applications for shopping, usual payments, films, social media, health. There was also increased interest for online education among Romanians.

Barometer results show that 62.2% of people interviewed said that when they are looking for a job or when they want to get better in a certain activity, they look for a mobile application for help.


68.3% of Romanians say they are using mobile phones more than before the pandemic.


The Barometer was made on a sample of 650 respondents, over May 6-9, 2021. Interviews were made by means of online questionnaires, by phone or email and the respondents were 56% men and 44% women, with ages between 18 and 54.