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Telecom.IT : Statistics: 62 pct of Romanian households owned a computer in 2015


Almost 62 pct of Romanian households owned a computer in 2015, while 61 pct had Internet access, shows data of the National Statistics Institute published on Friday. 

According to the cited source, 66.2 pct of the computer-equipped households are concentrated in urban settlements. Depending on the residence milieu, differences were found among the households' IT endowment. Thus, whereas 72.2 of urban households are equipped with a computer, in rural areas the share is just 48.4 pct. 

As for the persons who use the computer nationwide, there is a significant difference between urban and rural areas, with the number of computer users in the former environment standing 1.4 times higher than that of the users in the latter. 

The share of male computer users is a little higher than that of women, specifically 72.1 pct as to 68.2 pct. In a breakdown by age brackets, there is a downward trend in the share of the persons who use the computer, from the youngest age bracket (16 - 24 years, with 91.8 pct) to people aged 65 to 74, having a share of computer users of just 26.1 pct. 

Statistics reveal that as far as Internet access is concerned, this year, 61 pct of Romanian households had access from home, up 6.6 pct from the previous year, and the majority thereof (66.9 pct) were in the urban environment. 

As far as the Internet connection types are concerned, fixed broadband connections account for 89.1 pct, followed at a great distance by mobile broadband connections (29.0 pct) and narrowband connections (11.6 pct). 

Of the current Internet users aged 16 to 74, a share of 65.7 pct use the instrument daily or almost daily. 

In the age category 35 to 44 years, 57.7 pct of men have been using the Internet on a daily or almost daily basis, compared to 61.6 pct of the women (+3.9 percentage points).