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Telecom.IT: Survey: 75% of the Romanians consider that mobile phones radiate the most


Three quarters of the Romanians (75%) consider that mobile phones represent the main sources of radiation, while two out of ten people (19%) stated that 5G technology has negative effects on the health of the people, the flora and the fauna, show the data of a study made by the National Authority for Administration and Regulation in Communications (ANCOM), presented in an online event.


According to the research, four out of ten Romanians (43%) stated ‘ they were not preoccupied/worried at all’ by the possible effects of radiation on health, and 27% said they are ‘ little preoccupied’ by this aspect. On the same issue, only 3% mentioned they are very preoccupied by the fact that radiations can affect their health, 7%stated they are rather preoccupied, while 18% stated they were preoccupied.


The ANCOM report show,at the same time, the fact that the main worries of the Romanians against the effects of radiations are: higher and higher speed for the internet (39% of the interviewees), the 5G apparition (37%), coronavirus pandemics (33%)WI-FI in public places (24%) and ‘ other’ -14% of the interviewees.


Asked how they protect themselves from the radiations, almost 60% of the, interviewees consider they do not do it, over a quarter (26%) say they try to reduce the time when they effectively use the devices, 16% that they try to keep the device at a higher distance (for example, the use of the headphones to use the phone)and 11% turn off the phone or the Wi-fi router during the night.


As regards the sources for information referring to the possible effects of radiations on health, 64%  mentioned TV and radio, 54% mentioned various internet pages, 40% mentioned discussions with the family and friends, 39% referred to social networks and 16% trusted the instructions manuals at the workplace.


As for the issue of 5G, six out of ten Romanians (62%) stated that they know the term, while over a third (34%) do not have any information about this technology.

More than half of the interviewees (55%) stated that 5G technology will bring higher internet speed, 40% of the Romanians said that this is used on several objects around us, and 25% that 5G will make our life easier. In this context, 28% of the interviewed people mentioned they will use the 5G technology over the next two or three years.


On the other hand, 19% of the total of interviewees stated that 5G has negative effects on the health of the people, flora and fauna while 15% consider that the new technology is part of the world strategy to manipulate the population.


According to the ANCOM data, 55%of the Romanians did not know that the level of radiations in Romania has been permanently measured for ten years.


As for the question regarding the most important worries for 5G, 38% of the interviewees said that there is much fake news/misinformation,22% that they do not know the impact of  mobile phone radiations on the population health, 17% answered that the authorities are not sufficiently careful with the introduction of the new technology. At the same time, 15% of the interviewees think that,in Romania, the 5G networks will radiate more than in West-European states, and 14% consider that in some states the implementation of 5G was suspended/postponed.


Similarly, the list of elements considered as being radiation sources, 75% of the Romanians included mobile phones, 69% included mobile service antennae, 45% high tension lines, 41% household apparata ( TV-sets, microwave ovens, etc.), 38% computers/laptops/tablets, 35% radar equipment, 34% wireless routers, 28% wireless computer networks and 13% induction heating


Moreover, the ANCOM report shows the fact that 95% of the total of interviewees stated they use the mobile phone most, followed by computer/laptop (61%), wi-fi router (58%) smart TVs (38%) and tablets (32%).


Almost half of the interviewees (49%) stated that, as regards technology, they have a neutral, indifferent relation. At the same time, 37% stated they are passionate about the technology and they adopt easily new equipments and services, while 14% answered ‘ they are technophobe with anxiety and fear connected to the effects of technology’.




The ANCOM research, entitled ‘ Attitudes and perception of the population regarding the radiations of the electromagnetic fields’ was made with the support of the Metro Media Transilvania between September and October 2020, on a sample representative at the national level of 1,446 natural persons,aged over 16, irrespective if they use or not the electronic communication services.


The  research type was mainly phone questionnaire, and the error margin was +/-2.5% at a trust level of 95%. The study cost a little over 30,000 lei.


At the beginning of February this year, ANCOM announced  in the Action Plan of the institution for 2021, they will adopt a decision regarding the organisation of the selection procedure to grant use rights for the radio spectrum  available for implementation of the new technology (5G) and the organisation of the bid.